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And something to do: a plan for Santiago de Compostela in Orfas-Apartments. It is likely that you have heard that “Santiago is small and accessible”, “everything in one step”, “impossible to get bored” and, of course, it is all true. Now that you are installed in the heart of the monumental zone, something must be done: a plan for Santiago de Compostela.

The monumental area of Santiago was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 and it underwent an exemplary rehabilitation process in the 90s. Now we can continue enjoying the shapes of the typical medieval European city: an organic layout, squares open to the dawn of urban needs and with surprises open to those who know how to look for them. In the vicinity of the Cathedral, you can learn more about the Jacobean phenomenon in the Museum of Pilgrimage, located in Praterías Square. If at the end you still want to explore outside the ancient zone, we recommend you to visit the Cidade da Cultura (City of Culture): located about forty minutes away, you can get there by urban buses leaving from Galicia square. More route information.

In the history of Compostela, the relationship between the cathedral clergy and the lay inhabitants of Santiago had many moments of tension when not open confrontation. A well-known episode was the execution of the representatives of the local government of Santiago de Compostela in 1320 at the hands of the archbishop suitor Berenguel de Landoira (to whom the Berenguela tower was later dedicated). The Cathedral, on top of the liturgical space, houses a subtle universe in which time moves at its own pace. A visit to the cathedral museum works as a time machine and helps us understand the Western medieval world. And yes, the famous Codex Calixtinus is also exhibited. More information and reservations.

Culture is good and necessary but eating and drinking, too. If you are looking for some references on good food and the monumental area, we recommend you to go first for a vermouth:  a mythical local of Compostela, Casa Pepe, opens a new place, Pepe Payá, in the Cardeal Payá street where you can enjoy good lunchmeat and quality wine and vermouth; for lunch time you can chose A horta do Obradoiro, a new restaurant in which the traditional Galician kitchen is presented with a new appearance and the same delicious taste.

Ah, Compostela, transcript of the Land of Neverland! Santiago maintains its young spirit thanks to the University and its cultural life. The Santiago night is friendly and accessible because, as we said at the beginning of this post, everything is very close! We found an acceptable variety of nocturnal proposals in the monumental area: from the salsa and the dance in Século IX or Momo A Rúa, to the live music and the live atmosphere of A Casa das Crechas, the Borriquita de Belém or the Embora pub, going through the classic rock of A Reixa, the coquetry of the pub Atlantic or the fresh spirit of Camalea. And much more.

We hope you like our proposals; soon you will have more … Stay tuned!