A jewel in Santiago de Compostela


The heart of Santiago de Compostela is a stony trail open between soft mountains and the occasional fog, but above all, it is a small universe open to all those who want to taste and experience the gentle art of combining granite and water.

One of the best ways to venture a few days in the capital of the end of the world is to stay in one of our apartments, located on the street of the same name, which is one of the main routes of the monumental area of Santiago. We have renovated our apartments to show you one of the virtues of Santiago de Compostela: the natural harmony between the modern and the classic, the perennial familiarity that we feel from the first moment when walking through its streets.

In the city centre


Orfas-Apartments are located five minutes from the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the street beginning on Porta da Mámoa, one of the seven gates on the two-kilometre wall that surrounded the medieval Santiago. This door receives its name from the ancient megalithic burials and it is probable that some of them were found in this point. It was one of the main access roads to Compostela in the Middle Ages for goods and pilgrims from the South.

A few meters from Orfas-Apartments, the legendary Café Derby opens its doors, this is a living memory of the 19th century that stays in operation to enjoy its delicious coffee. On the outside side of Porta da Mámoa the contemporary Santiago is growing; the area that the people from Santiago call zona nova (the new area) has adapted in the last years to the pedestrian life by making wider boulevards and by opening new establishments which attract visitors more and more.

Recommended for


Orfas-Apartments are suitable both for families with children and for couples who want to enjoy a romantic getaway. Located in a historic building with three floors, the first two floors are ideal for families with children, as they have a double bed and folding bunk beds. The penthouse is perfect for a romantic trip: double bed with a gallery that offers views of the roofs of the monumental area of Compostela. Or for business travellers looking for design, functionality and independence.

Knowing Santiago as a native is a privilege that Orfas-Apartments makes available to everyone. The magic of the city where the rain is art, where the sea and the land are in the markets and that remains always young in spirit is two clicks away.

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